Hoi An, Vietnam: Spending Some Time Around the Old Town

In 1999, the old town of Hoi An was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The narrow streets are lined with buildings from centuries ago and in the evening lanterns light their way. Hoi An is more than just this historic town though! Beautiful white sand beaches line the coast, fantastic restaurants can be found and it is about an hour away from the temple complex My Son. Found around Continue Reading →

Sun Halo and Iridescent Rainbow Clouds in Hoi An, Vietnam

We are currently in Hoi An, Vietnam. Tomorrow will be our last day in this city and I've been sick in bed all day with a bad cold. So this evening I decided to take some photos of the rice fields and mountains surrounding our hotel from the window of our room. As the sun was setting I noticed to the right of the sun what appeared to be a Continue Reading →